DollarDNS releases ipupdate 1.1.0

There is a new version of the DollarDNS IPUpdate Client. This new release is much more robust and supports new features like failover. IPUpdate is no longer just a dynamic IP client. With this new adaptation of the client functionality, you can automatically switch the IP address for your domains to a backup server while your main server is offline. The project page for IPUpdate is at

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Domain Registration

At $12/year we're probably slightly above average in terms of registration costs. It's a fairly unprofessional if functional system. It supports domain contacts editing, registering name servers, and all the normal stuff. Only buy domains here if you want to centralize your domain management under the watchful eye and helpful hand of the DollarDNS owner. More Details

Domain Hosting

No matter how you look at it DollarDNS is the way to go for hosting your DNS. It's free, convenient, and feature rich with an acceptable learning curve. Compare Domain Hosts

Domain Management

DollarDNS really knows their stuff when it comes to DNS and server management. If you want to save time and pay for the convenience, we can fix or setup your dns server for you with full documentation on what we did. You pretty much set your own price. More Details